Buggy Summer

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January 20th, 2010

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A Flash of Silver

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There is an abundance of bugs in Gnarly Woods and nobody has any idea as to why!


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Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Milo and Camille help Alfred, his mom and sister set up for an upcoming picnic later in the day. Unknown to them, a swarm of bugs is flying overhead...

Searching for the cups, they look to Milo who was in charge of them and they can't find them. Camille is suddenly stung by a mosquito, but before she can say much about it a whole bunch of them begin to appear until they are all forced to run away!

Seeing how upset his mother is, Alfred asks about it, and she explains that for some reason her berries are all infested with tiny bugs all over them and now they're dying. Alfred decides this must be a mystery and he asks his mum about it. She explains that just recently her garden was perfectly fine. He then asks if anything happened the previous night and she informs him that Mr. Russard was out taking pictures of the scenery, but that's about it. Alfred then deems the strange noise to be clue 1 before he decides they need to talk to Mr. Russard and interview him, too. At first Milo refuses, but they dress in protective gear to keep them from getting any more bug related injuries and head over.

On their way over they hear a strange sound, but discard it as nothing and resume...

Mr. Russard is surprised to see the three of them wearing such weird clothing and upon being asked why he isn't, he explains he has made his own bug lotion to keep him safe from the bugs. It smells somewhat, but it's been doing a great job! Alfred explains when his mum heard a noise and saw Mr. Russard. Who explains he was taking photographs for the essay on wild flowers. Alfred asks for the picture and points out an odd sight in it: Smoke!

He then calls this clue 2 before they resume exploring. While both Camille and Milo believe the clues don't have anything to do with the problem, Alfred is still convinced they do and they begin to hear noise again. Milo thinks it may just be an angry squirrel when Lumus comes out to inform them he was trying to sleep. Alfred asks him why he wasn't sleeping in his cave, to which Lumus points out it's no longer there, someone stole it. After he woke up that morning to get some breakfast and he heard a loud rumbling noise. Upon returning his cave was missing.

While Milo believes they shouldn't waste their time, Alfred states that caves don't disappear like that and Camille adds in that they could become famous for solving such a case! Since such things like this just don't happen every day...

They quickly discover what caused the "vanishing cave" as they do more investigating. Due to the heavy rain the previous night a rock slide had occurred, which then covered the cave.

Later, Mrs. Hedgehog mentions they can just reschedule their picnic, and Alfred and Camille explain that the weirdness was really a rock slide, but the odd screeching/chirping they heard was coming from a bat. After thanking his mum, Alfred tells Camille and Milo to grab a shovel, and they quickly leave, but not before telling his mum they can simply hold the picnic the following day instead.

Back on cave sight, Alfred explains that the odd noise they had been hearing was from a poor bat who got stuck in the cave due to the rock slide. And since none of the bats could feed like they normally do, they couldn't get rid of the mosquito's and bugs as they can normally. Which is why there was so many bugs that day.

During the picnic, Mr. Russard takes photographs of everything that happens. Alfred then makes a... lame joke while trying to clarify that it was a good joke, but the others just awkwardly try to change subject as the episode ends...


  • Camille: "You really need to have a mint..."


  • This is the only episode where Lumuse's cave is seen.


  • Milo's discards his protective gear, but he isn't shown taking it home with him.
  • At the beginning of the episode when Lilly first appears, her pigtails are missing.
  • As Alfred's mom asks to hear the sound again, Camille is missing one of her eyebrows. It reappears when she says: "He got his smarts from somewhere Mrs. H."
  • Alfred's mouth movement doesn't seem to full match his line when he explains that bats eat bugs.
  • As Milo stretches his face on the final picture, his muzzle lacks the white coloring.
  • Despite Mrs. Hedgehog's claim of guests, only Mr. Russard was shown at the end of episode.
  • The Gaumont description of this episode claims the groups picnic was a school picnic. But if that was true then the students from school should have been there. It was only Alfred's family, Mr. Russard, Milo and Camille.