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What has Chloe seen in the water?

Cabana Drama is episode 1 of episode 10. It first aired on Feb 2nd, 2010.


Something bad happens at Polly's Cabana, but when nobody in the trio can agree on what they saw they get into a fight. Is this the end of Alfred's detective group?! 


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Alfred, Camille and Milo are relaxing at the cabana when Chloe joins the others in the water and they begin to play. Suddenly, Chloe notices something weird swimming and in a panic runs out of the water, causing the others to proceed to do the same. Polly begins to panic and goes on to say that now all of her customers have left, and asks Alfred and his friends to help figure out what this creature was. They begin to wonder what it was that Chloe saw, then go through the forest until they reach Chloe's home. There she panics before flying down to them and she is asked to describe the monster. So she tells them how she was paddling around, and then something was quickly moving through the water and made a horrifying sound, and she states that she, and nobody else, will ever want to go swimming again, ever.

Camille suspects that it is probably a land animal, but Alfred isn't too sure since many species growl...

Back at the lake, Alfred, Milo, Polly and Camille separate to investigate. Both Milo and Camille see the mysterious creature, but Alfred notes it was heading towards the water. However as they all are seeing different things the group begin to argue. Polly suggest they just calm down and enjoy their time out, but they split up, causing her to run away from the sound.

Alfred investigates when he runs into Mr. Russard, who has advice for him considering the problem. Meanwhile, Polly makes conversation with both Camille and Milo and she offers them both some food in hopes of getting them to speak to one-another. Alfred comes back and apologizes to the both of them before saying they won't get anything done like this, so he asks them to continue helping. He mentions that their ideas can be combined to determine what's right and what isn't. So after apologizing the two go to help Alfred once more.

Milo manages to find a set of prints and Alfred mentions they're different than some other prints, so it is clue 2. But now they need someone to go into the water, so it's then they have Oakly go down and take a picture of the creature. So with some photos they can go and determine what this creature is.

After Alfred manages to determine this hey quickly head back to the Cabana when suddenly Alfred and Co reveal it's really a Platypus. Milo then pipes up by saying the reason it got so hostile was probably due to it trying to protect its family.

After everybody comes back, Alfred, Milo and Camille watch the Platypus as it curls up with its babies and the episode ends...


  • Camille: "I saw it with my own two eyes."
  • Milo: "Well, I have four of them..."



  • It seems strange that Chloe was at the cabana, especially since she is an owl, and they are nocturnal.
  • Another strange fact about this is that owl's cannot swim in the water. Owls lack waterproof feathers unlike most other raptors, but she seemed fine.
  • The episodes title probably comes from the fact that Drama occurs between Alfred, Camille and Milo. And a mystery also occurs at the Cabana.
  • Doesn't it seem weird that they don't comment on the eggs shown in Clue 2's photo? The case would have been solved very easily if they had checked by the eggs to see what species they came from.
  • This is another one of Milo's "smart moments" as he deducted the eggs belonged to the platypus.
  • The voice over, which is done by Milo/his VA says: "As Alfred and the others found out," during the end credits. Instead of using non-referring words like they usually do.
  • Despite it appears to be sunny and a hot day, detectives still wear their distinctive clothes - sweaters and sweatshirts.
  • It is strange how did platypus, who lives only in Australia and New Guinea, made its way to, probably, Canadian forest, which Gnarly Woods most likely resembles.


  • Throughout the episode Polly is shown with both a bucktooth and normal teeth. This is a common  in all of Polly's appearances however.
  • The drink the trio drank at the beginning of the episode is the same given to Polly later, though it is referred to as two different names.
  • Also, the arm offering her the drink does not look like Camille's, though she was the one standing next to Polly, the one who spoke and also the one holding the drink in the next scene.
  • Right when all the panic begins, notice a large purple section behind Camille.
  • Milo's lip-sync doesn't match when he says: "can't" he only seems to pronounce: "Ca".