Camille Wallaby is one of Alfred Hedgehog's best friends and fellow crime-solving partners. Together with Alfred and Milo Skunk she helps solve the crimes that take place in Gnarly Woods. Her name is sometimes shortened to Cammy[1] or Cam[2].

A smart wallaby girl who loves to read in her spare time, Camille is usually generous and kind, but very cross with Cynthia Payne, who she considers to be a bothersome annoyance. She is very quick to anger, is kind of a tomboy, and adores animals.

Camille is voiced by Emma Taylor-Isherwood.


Camille's greatest asset is her quick wit and knowledge that comes from all of the reading she does. She sometimes puts it to use during mysteries and isn't scientifically smart in comparison to Alfred, but her book smarts allow her to identify some things. She also has a tendency to use big words to describe others.

Camille is mostly cheerful and a kind girl, but she isn't the most gentle of people out there. She doesn't take kindly to being teased, picked on, or seeing animals in danger. She doesn't seem to flat-out hate anyone other than Cynthia. And even then, she sometimes will try to be nice to her until Cynthia responds with agression. She is rivals with Cynthia, although they don't compete in much against each other, possibly due to their personal tastes and interests. While she may have anger issues, Camille never tries to be openly rude to others unless they start it. She also has no problem apologizing, even to Cynthia if she has wronged her. She also has a tendency to be impulsive by making snap judgement or try to rush an investigation, which would imply she lets her emotions do the talking, rather then her head sometimes. 

Although she has a quick temper and wit, Camille also likes to tease others now and then. Usually Milo in relation to his beliefs of big foot or aliens, or just because he's being goofy. She enjoys scary stories now and then, and has also been reading fantasy novels and may rarely get sucked into Milo's crazy theories. She also enjoys playing sports and while she may have a crush on Ricardo like the other girls in Gnarly Wood, she would rather be found playing sports or with Alfred instead of fawning over him. 

Physical appearanceEdit

Much like Alfred and Milo, Camille is ten years old and stands at about 160-170 centimetres tall. She is a wallaby with tan-orange fur and a peach colored muzzle. Her eyes are bright blue and her nose is light brown. Camille has medium length, bright red hair always worn in pigtails with a pink hairclip and scrunchies.

Her common attire consist of a beige sweatshirt/hoodie, a short red skirt and blue eight-holed sneakers with ankle padding.

For swimming, Camille normally puts on a one-piece swimsuit with red and pink stripes.

During winter, Camille wears a peach-pink bubble styled jacket with tan colored gloves, peach-pink earmuffs, her same skirt with matching pants/leggings, and blue snow versions of her boot-shoes.

For the Romeo and Juliet recital, Camille wore a light blue dress with a single dark blue stripe and many white parts on it, with white slip on shoes and a thin headband like piece with small flowers on it.

Revealed in The mysterious red spots, for bed or while home, Camille wears a beige and red T-shirt/blouse with light red leggings or short pants.


While not directly stated, it's hinted at that Camille may have an older sister, Madeline. She has only been in a few episodes and often can be found creeping about. She resembles Camille, and is a huge Ricardo fan.

Camille also has a mother who never appears in the series, but has been mentioned a few times.


  • Alfred Hedgehog (Best Friend; Team Partner): Alfred and Camille are best friends. When she seems upset Alfred tries to calm her down, and he often compliments her when she is right and sometimes has to warn her about rushing.
  • Milo Skunk (Best Friend; Team Partner): Camille and Milo are also good friends, but this is assumed to be only because of Alfred as they always tend to argue and bicker over the stupidest of things. Camille enjoys scaring Milo purely for the fact it amuses her, and also has no problem calling him out for something he did that she deems foolish. Despite the fact she may be prone to doing the very thing she's yelling at him for.
  • Lilly Hedgehog (Friend; Time-by-time Team Partner): Lilly likes Camilie and likes to play with her. If Alfred isn't the one to comfort her, usually it will be Camille, who may have an older-sister role with her.
  • Cynthia Payne (Classmate; Enemy): Even if they are enemies who tend to act rude or mean to one-another. Sometimes Camille will try to be nice to her, though she has no problems talking behind her back either. She also often accuses her of crimes she's had nothing to do with, despite having no proof. Despite her kind nature, Camille always will suspect Cynthia for a problem despite knowing she shouldn't do this.
  • Ricardo Rabbit (Possible friend): Camille, much like every other girl in Gnarly Woods has a massive crush on him, but she has no problems telling him off for annoying her. She will call him out for the things he says or does, but her crush on him is fairly obvious. Though he seems to either not notice, or he just doesn't care.


  • "Milo...."
  • "Cynthia!"


Episode identifiedEdit

  • Camille is the only girl to appear in all episodes.
  • Milo accused her of thinking of food at a bad time in the first episode.
  • She has shown signs of being stronger than some male peers, like in "A Flash of Silver" when she easily lifted many logs while Milo struggled to lift even a few.

Episode unidentifiedEdit

  • Despite criticizing Milo's beliefs in the supernatural, Camille once tried to contact a spirit/ghost. Episode unidentified.
  • For someone who often criticizes Milo, sometimes she does things "Milo-like" too. For example:
  1. Panicking when unnecessary
  2. Cowardly trying to leave a spooky scene
  • One of Camille's favourite writers is H.G. Wells.
  • Besides Milo, Camille is often targeted for "glitches" during an episode. For example, her top sometimes will lack its detailing/lines, her skirt changes length and often her tail will appears in the wrong position.
  • Despite plenty of information stating that Camille is a smart girl. This doesn't really come up much, but this could be due to her hot-headed nature.

Fan speculationEdit

  • As Camille and her sister look similar, they probably inherited their looks from one parent, unless everyone in the family looks the same.
  • Many fans believe that Camille has feelings for Alfred. However, this was never confirmed by creators, nor is there enough proof to imply it for sure.


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  1. Milo calls her this in The Go-Kart Mystery when telling her to hurry to get out of the kart so he can board.
  2. Milo calls her this in The Go-Kart Mystery when asking her opinion about the nest he made.