Casting Call

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Jan 14th, 2010

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 Casting Call is episode 5 of The Mysteries Of Alfred Hedgehog. 


Accusations are thrown when someone keeps sabotaging auditions for Gnarly Wood's play "Romeo and Juliet". Is Cynthia really guilty or is someone framing her? 


Ricardo announces that the auditions for the role of Juliet will be beginning shortly and asks that the girls who are trying to line up. Alfred and Milo are just showing up to give their support to Camille, but she is quick to shush them while Ricardo talks.

In another room, Cynthia tries to hurry her mom, who has been fixing her costume for her. But because she is trying to hurry and Cynthia needs to get out there before it's too late, more problems are caused than fixed.

As one girl tries out, an insulting voice interrupts. She tries to continue until finally growing too stressed to continue and she runs off of the stage. Camille calls this mean as Chloe tries to audition next, but the "heckler" makes her leave in a huff. By now everyone is getting frustrated, and when Cynthia shows up, blame is instantly thrown in her direction. Ricardo decides to call off the auditions and informs everyone that they can resume once they figure out who is causing everyone to get distracted and upset. He takes off with most of the girls in tow after they give Cynthia a dirty look.

She tries to defend herself to follow them but Camille stays to make Cynthia confess, but she continues to deny having anything to do with it. Alfred and Milo approach them and ask Cynthia where she had been, and hesitantly she admits that she had a problem with her dress and had been in the dressing room getting it fixed. Her mom was trying to fix it before her turn came.

Suddenly, Milo accidentally pulls on something - causing the stage to turn and reveal a clue: a string from a spool of thread. Cynthia takes off and the trio hear the "heckler" once more. With no proof of it being her, they record the sound and return to Hedgequarters. Where they play a repeat of the recording over and over, but they are unable to identify the owner. With that, they decide the next best thing would be to go to Ricardo's to see if he has any idea of who it could be, or ask if he happened to notice anything strange. But as they go to leave, a few pieces of branch and twig fall before them, causing them to realize someone was spying on them.

At their destination they see Ricardo sadly putting his Romeo costume away. He voices disappointment in not being able to wear it, but before he can say much else Cynthia suddenly bursts into the room to try to continue denying having anything to do with the incident. They question why she followed them and Cynthia recalls a clue she found, so they head back to the dressing room to observe the bird feather she noticed.

They return to Hedgequarters to go over the clues a final time, when Alfred points out that the voice they heard must have belonged to someone imitating someone else. He realizes it has to be a bird and they return to the stage after Alfred determines the cause. They find Cynthia in the middle of practicing for her tryout and he asks her what she and her mom were discussing earlier on. Cynthia reveals that she gave some "responses and opinions" about the variety of dresses she could choose from. They think about this and determine that her sounds were easily recognizable for the bird and it copied her.

Milo then climbs up a nearby object to find a bird resting inside of it's bird nest. Alfred reveals it to be a Mocking Bird, and with Cynthia off of the hook they go to tell the others what happened so that the auditions can resume. Camille puts on a great audition with the help of the bird and wins the role of Juliet. As this goes on, Alfred and Milo share a moment of banter before sharing a laugh.


  • Cynthia: Romeo, o Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo...
  • Alfred: Cynthia! Cynthia!
  • Cynthia: Romeo?! Is that you?
  • Alfred: Uh... no. It's just me!


  • Milo: I love happy endings!
  • Alfred: It's Romeo and Juliet; they die.
  • Milo: They do? Well, I'd better tell Cam to change the ending!


  • Cynthia: Oh Alfred, help me! For I am innocent!
  • Alfred: Alright, alright! Get up!


  • Cynthia: How does he [Milo] even get through a day?


  • Ms. Hedgehog is one of the people helping out at the auditions. 
  • This episode includes of the of few times Camille's blame on Cynthia actually seemed reasonable; as the bird sounded like her.
  • Camille calls Cynthia's cousins "friends" in this episode.
  • Alfred is shown using sign language in this episode, implying that he knows it.
  • This is Ricardo's first speaking role
  • In the dressing room as Alfred says someone is imitating Cynthia's voice, there is a pair of red boots that resemble Camille's shoes.
  • This is the first episode where Camille was shown wearing something other than her normal outfit.
    • This is also the first episode her normal outfit does not appear.
    • It is also the only episode where she was shown in a dress.


  • When the girls have their backs facing the camera, Gabby's hair is yellow instead of it's normal color. A second later when shown from the front it was fixed.
  • Clue 1, the thread, vanishes from Alfred's hand the second after he calls it a clue and speaks to Milo.
  • When Camille comments that they may have to cancel the audition, a strange line appears around her neck, but right after turning her head it disappears.
  • Right before the girls go onto stage, Polly's muzzle coloring vanishes.
  • Camille claims "We accused you too early", but unless she meant everyone except Alfred and Milo, she is techniqually wrong because they didn't acccuse her. 
  • When Camille holds her arms up to help Milo near the end of the episode, a block of pink-red is located on her shoulder. While it matches her sleeve, it should not be there.
  • Camille's theory of the voice belonging to Louse or one of Cynthia's other cousins, is flawed. The voice only sounded like Cynthia and at the time, Louise was standing right next to her so she would have been aware if it was her.
  • When Alfred says "wait a sec" the middle of his shirt is the same color as his sleeves. It should actually be light blue.
  • The noises Cynthia made sounded nothing like the noises the mocking bird made.
  • As Cynthia makes a comment near the end of the episode, her dress is entirely dark green - including the light green parts. 
  • Alfred's height seems to be inaccurate in this episode.
  • It seems strange that Chloe was auditioning for a day time play, because she is nocturnal. Which means she sleeps during the day to be up at night.
  • The Gaumont websites description claims it was a Blue Jay imitating Cynthia and the play was for school. But in the episode it was actually a Mocking Bird, and Ricardo isn't shown attending school normally, while Chloe and Polly are adults and wouldn't be in school either.