The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog - The Mystery Of The Big Stink-19-08-57-

Alfred taking a picture of Milo with a cat

The Detectaberry is a special device that Alfred uses constantly to help him solve mysteries. A high-tech, single part object resembling a PDA. It is capable of taking high quality pictures, videos and audio recordings.

It's also used for fingerprints, notes and other ways of finding clues for the mysteries, and can be connected to the computer whenever all three clues have been found, by using a special adapter.


As the object belongs to Alfred, its normally shown to be in his hands or in his pocket. However on rare occasion, Milo and Camille also held it for the time being, due to circumstances. Such as when everybody was suffering from a rash and Milo almost broke it, due to being very excited.

Possibly to reflect Alfred's favorite color, the device is all blue. Its usually held vertical-wise, but whenever it is used for pictures or video, it's held sideways/horizontal.


  • Like game devices, the Detectaberry can be charged wirh both a cable and battery.
  • Oddly enough the battery is about the size of the Detectaberry itself.
  • The Detectaberry is possibly is a reference to a Blackberry type PDA/Cell Phone.