A fox boy, next to Milo.

A frequent appearing background character in the series. Fox Boy is often seen with his possible sister, Fox girl.

He has not spoken any lines and is hardly seen by himself. He looks very similar to Mr. Russard, but it is unknown if he shares relationship with him or even Dr. Anna.

He sits next to Milo in the classroom.

Physical appearanceEdit

He appears to be about ten years old, like most of the kids in the series and stands at about 160-170 centimeters. His fur is red-brown in color with a cream colored neck, torso and muzzle. His hair is flame orange in color and very similar to Fox girl, except with bigger bangs and less spikes. He has light-ivy green eyes. He is one of the few species to posses a "kitty mouth". And also has fangs and short clawed nails.

Fox boy wears a white T-shirt with dark teal colored sleeves, zipper, and hood/neck, worn over a white long sleeved shirt. He also has on a pair of yellow pants and violet and yellow shoes.


There is nothing known about him at the moment other then he seems usually curious or happy about something.


  • It's possible that Mr. Russard and/or Dr. Anna are his parents, but no connection has been made other then similar appearances.
    • However, Wikipedia actually says they are related, but random users tend to edit Wikipedia and it is not a fully trusted source.
  • It's very possible that Fox girl is his sister. They are always shown together and seem to be close friends, if anything. They may even be twins.


  • In one episode he's shown using his legs/feet with a basketball and bouncing it up and down. Which may mean it is a talent of his.