School from top.

Gnarly Woods school, or simply just school, is a major location in Gnarly Woods, to which Alfred and his friends attend to every day just about.

The class is taught by Mr. Russard and Mr. Thomas is the principal.


Inside Edit

The school consist of one single large room where all of the teaching is held. It lacks a principal room, detention, cafeteria and, probably, a restroom.


In front of school is a spacious courtyard, where some, if not most, of the school based events are held. Behind the school is a basketball court where Alfred and his friends often go to play basketball against Cynthia and her cousins or other students.


The school appears to be built from yellow wood planks in an uneven sequence. The side walls are built intermittently in 70 degrees angle, with a narrower supporting wall build in opposite way.

The roof appears to be build in asimiliar matter, as part is from metal and part from plexiglass. There also sits solar panels and the whole building is on the top of a terrace.



The only room in school, working both like classroom and a Gnarly Woods archive, consists from many desks and a teacher's table. There are also few bookshelves at walls, a blackboard and some teaching equipment.


  • Mr. Thomas- A principal of school, he likes to hold various competitions for kids.
  • Mr. Russard- The loyal and only teacher in school.


  • Due to solution of building, it's not very probable that teaching is held trough cooler months.