Amphitheater overview.

The amphitheater is a major location in Gnarly Woods, often used for many events. Like contest, competitions against Black Forest, plays and even concerts!

It is spacey and has enough room to fit both everyone from Gnarly woods on one side, and Black forest on the other. The red section in the middle isn't used as often as the other two sides. Possibly to keep the rows less messy and more straightened up.

Layout Edit


The Amphitheater is in the shape of a semicircle with two entrants to the bottom of the rows, (though people still will walk in the direct middle to exit as well.) The round parts consist of stone seats and so fourth, for people to sit on.

The opposite side consists of the stage and Dressing room beyond the curtains.


The backstage of the amphitheater is located behind the stage itself and seems to be very big. It only was shown once, multiple times in a single episode and is used for storing props and scenes. As well as clothing and acts as a dressing room. It seems to be on the left (right depending on view point) of the stage behind the curtains.


The Amphitheater works like as a social meeting place for Gnarly Woods and Black Forest inhabitants. People come here to enjoy theatrical acting, Ricardo's concerts or even rivaling events between them, the Magical Contest for example.


  • The Amphitheater strongly resembles a Roman Colosseum, thanks to the construction and having similar purposes.
  • It seems nobody cleans up anything except the stage itself, as a lot of the time the seats/steps look to be covered in moss or mildew.