Grizz, in front of his Sawmill.

This is a workplace for Grizz Kodiak, which makes frequent appearances thorough series.



The inside of sawmill was never shown in series, but we can pressume that it contains other Grizz's machines, or works like a wood and equipment storage.


In front and around of sawmill are many straightened tree bole's, logs and planks. There is also his only shown machine placed.


The sawmill stands on a clearing, surrounded by a forest. The spacious barn is build from green-blue painted planks, with many lumber around. In front of barn is a katr and in one episode also a brand new surface planer.


The barn probably consist from single room, with unknown content. Due to Grizz's specialization, it probably contains professional woodworking machines, like a band saw, circular saw, standing drill, mortizer and many others, needed for joinery job.


  • There is nothing to say that Grizz owns a home, or if he uses the Sawmill as his home.
  • For some reason, Grizz's katr has a saw blade turned on right, while it should be correctly facing a served log. Oddly enough, the construction of katr doesn't allow the saw blade being placed like this, nor blade can't be placed this way.
  • Cynthia Payne once visits this place in the episode called "The Mysterious Vandal".