The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog - The Mystery Of The Big Stink-19-15-28-

In front of Hedgequarters...

"Let's get back to Hedgequarters!" - Alfred

The hedgequarters is a very important location in The mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog. All of the mystery solving goes on here and it also consist of many scientific items like computers, books, beakers and what not.

In a sense, it is also like a "hang-out" room for the Mystery solving group. Its somewhat distant from their homes, but takes them no time at all to get to it, mostly thanks to a railway, build above it. It seems to be built out of a cave, given the outside format.



Lily Hedgehog on a swing

Hedgequarters consist from single spacious room with stone walls and screen separating bedrolls and a hammock. The Hedgequarters contains, among other things, tables with chairs, big bookshelves, Alfred's notebook, microscope, chemistry set and Bean Bags.

There is also a rope tied in knots about three inches apart, leading through the ceiling to Ol' Fingerbone's tree, and inside is a swing.


In front of Hedgequarters is a makeshift table made from a bit stump and stools. There is also basketball hoop on one tree, and under a rock near the door is a key for unlocking, and locking the doors.


The Hedgequarters is considered to be the most important location in the entire series, and to the Detectives. Considering that everything they need is located here. They study all of their clues here, unless choosing to do so on the mysteries investigation spot, and the mysteries are usually solved here also. Due to using the computer it has inside.

Its well stocked with many items, though unknown where such items could have come from. Nobody seems to question this, and only Alfred and anybody involved with the mysteries is allowed inside.


  • It is unknown if Hedgequarters were found in the state its in now or if it was recently built when the group decided they needed a special location.
  • Somehow a heating system must be installed. During a winter episode, Alfred and Co are seen inside wearing their normal attire.
  • On a chalkboard in Hedgequarters is a map with drawings of Gnarly Woods, kids heads. It is possibly used as a location device of sorts.
  • Hedgequarters is also name of a real-life hedgehog breeding establishment in America.
  • The notebook Alfred uses has a picture of a green leaf on the lid/top. This possibly to reference Steve Jobs' Apple products.
  • Hedgequarters does not appear in The Night of Stars. However, it is mentioned.
  • It is majorly seen in the episode called Ol' Fingerbone's Revenge.