A Dragon in the ForestA Flash of SilverA Three Star Mystery
A Tree Not Made Of WoodA Walking ScarecrowAlfred's Grandmother
Alfred HedgehogAlfred Hedgehog (Gallery)Animals
Boo Radley's HouseBubble TroubleBuggy Summer
Cabana DramaCamille WallabyCamille Wallaby (Gallery)
Casting CallChloe OwlClara Goat
Cynthia PayneCynthia Payne (Gallery)Detectaberry
Dr. AnnaEdgar RemyEpisode List
False Notes in Gnarly WoodsFoodsFox boy
Fox girlGabby PayneGnarly Woods Academy
Gnarly Woods AmpitheaterGrizz's sawmillGrizz Kodiak
Hedgehog family houseHedgequartersHelmut
It's Raining FishJ.J. RaccoonLilly Hedgehog
Lilly Hedgehog (Gallery)List of InjuriesLong Live the Queen
Louise PayneLuguLumus
Madeline WallabyMilo SkunkMilo Skunk (Gallery)
MinnieMisc CharactersMole Girl
Mr. HedgehogMr. RemyMr. Russard
Mr. Russard's houseMr. ThomasMrs. Coleen Radley
Mrs. HedgehogMrs. PayneMs. Radley's Mansion
Mysteries of Alfred HedgehogMysteries of Alfred Hedgehog OnlineMysteries of Alfred Hedgehog Wiki
Oakley BeaverOl' Fingerbone's RevengeOtter boy
Otter girlPayne ResidencePolly Porcupine
Raining FrogsRazzyRicardo's House
Ricardo RabbitRicardo Rabbit (Gallery)Rudy Gopher
Sleepless NightSmall Mounds of EarthStrange Grasshoppers
Stranger Among UsThe Artful Art Thief!The Baffling Bubble Mystery
The Blue MysteryThe Case of the Disappearing PaintingThe Case of the Mysterious Visitor
The Case of the Space InvaderThe DetectivesThe Diseased Tree
The Eyes of a ThiefThe Forest Attacks!The Forest Attacks! (Script)
The Fur Growing TreeThe Ghastly Ghost BeetlesThe Glowing Eyes
The Gnarly woodsThe Go-Kart MysteryThe Great Flower Mystery
The Haunting SoundThe Lake MonsterThe Leafeless Tree
The Magician's WandThe Malfunctioning Magic BeansThe Maple Syrup Mystery
The Marsh MysteryThe Mysterious Falling Forest!The Mysterious Fern
The Mysterious FogThe Mysterious Gold RushThe Mysterious Itch
The Mysterious Red SpotsThe Mysterious SneezeThe Mysterious Snow Rolls
The Mysterious VandalThe Mystery of Heavy FeetThe Mystery of Old Gnarly
The Mystery of Ricardo's Missing HeadThe Mystery of the 99 FishThe Mystery of the Big Stink
The Night of StarsThe No Treasure Treasure HuntThe Phantom Footprints
The Spirited PearlsTina PayneTom Bobcat
Trouble at Turtle PondVictor VoleWho, what, when and how?
Who Knocked Out Grizz?Winston MooseWithers

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