Lugubrious is a minor character who makes many appearances throughout the series. He was involved personally with one of the mysteries when the water in his lake had gone missing and he got stuck in the mud.

But he occasionally also helps with Mysteries or investigations. Such as if Alfred would need someone to go under water for a long period of time.

Lugu is voiced by Jerome Bourgault.


Lugu is a turtle and just like his species, is both slow and a slow talker. He is kind and not very loud in tone, and doesn't seem to mind helping others. Due to his slow talking, he often sounds calm or indifferent as well.

Lugu's main hobby involves swimming. He especially loves to do the Backstroke.


Lugu is about 90-100 centimeters tall when standing on his hind legs. Like most turtles, he is a shade of green, close to a dark-ivy green shade. His eyes are orange colored, matching his shells lining, while his tummy/ribbed section of his shell is a darkish yellow and his shell itself is gray-brown.



  • Lugu's appearence makes him look much like an Adult. However, this has not been confirmed.
  • Lugu is maybe a faster-than-normal turtle because he entered a running race