Mr. Hedgehog in his bee-keeper gear.

Mr. Hedgehog is the head of the Hedgehog Family and rarely becomes involved with the mysteries, much like his wife, Ms. Hedgehog. He occasionally helps with his son's investigations, usually when they need advice or the aid of an adult. A resident of Gnarly Woods, he works as a Bee Keeper.

Physical appearanceEdit

Mr. Hedgehog is about 180 centimeters tall and, like the rest of the Hedgehog family, he has spiked hair/quills. He has brown colored fur and lighter-peach colored muzzle with a brown colored nose. He has off-apple green colored eyes and dark brown-auburn hair with multiple spikes, most likely due to him keeping it short cut.

For casual attire Mr Hedgehog often wears a white t-shirt with beige vest, brown pants, and beige shoes. As he works as a bee keeper he is often depicted in a bee keeping suit.


Mr. Hedgehog is very strong, smart and adoring of his children. He supports Alfred's mystery solving and gives his support whenever he can. Once he was even one of the mysteries answers! Which isn't a common theme throughout the series. Besides tending to the bees, he is also seen as a Park Ranger of sorts.

Its possible that due to his nature, he feels that things like cooking or cleaning are "woman's work". As shown when Mrs. Hedgehog had told Alfred and his friends to have fun while they made lunch, but he questioned it as she thrown him a stern look and had him come with her despite. However he may have just been surprised since she tends to do this herself most of the time.


  • Ms. Hedgehog- His wife, who he loves dearly.
  • Alfred Hedgehog- His son.
  • Lilly Hedgehog- His daughter, who he is often seen holding.



  • Mr. Hedgehog once confirmed that he studied at Black Forest Elementary. A rival school to the Gnarly Woods school. So its possible he grew up/was born in Black Forest.
  • Alfred apparently sees his father as an alien, some of the time. Due to his statement of: "I know my father isn't alien. Even if he acts like that sometimes.", this was stated in The Case of the Space Invader.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Hedgehogs are actually only confirmed married couple in series.
  • He and Grizz are the only known beekeepers in Gnarly Woods