Mr. Russard photo of himself, with Milo grining in background

Mr. Russard is the only teacher of Gnarly Woods School and thus, he has the very big school/classroom all to himself where he teaches his students every day. He is often seen in many of the episodes with many speaking lines. Mr. Russard also provides help or advice, like many of the other adults in the series and rarely has been involved with mysteries.

Mr. Russard also seems to not mind helping with the investigations if Alfred and Co. ask for his help, such as diving into the water for clues.

Mr. Russard really favours creative things for school work, such as music, art, and even the occasional magic show. Besides this he really loves photography and diving on his days off or in spare time.

He lives in Mr. Russard house.

Mr. Russard is voiced by actor Terrence Scammell.

Physical appearanceEdit

While his age has never been revealed, he looks to be either in his twenties or his thirties. He is a red fox with rust-red/orange fur and peach muzzle with noticeably dark eyebrows. His eyes are a similar shade of green to the Hedgehog Family's very own but perhaps greener. His nose is light brown.

Mr. Russard's hair is flame orange-red in colour with multiple spiked bangs and it is about shoulder in length with a slight messy lining. Normally depicted in proper teaching/relaxing and easy to move in attire, he wears a white suit shirt under a jacket/dark sweater and dark coloured shoes and black pants. He also has two small noticeable canines/fanged teeth when he speaks. His fox tail is the same as his fur but with dark brown tip.

For formal events Mr. Russard puts on a dark blue suit with white formal shirt underneath and a golden-yellow tie. When Scuba Diving, Mr. Russard wears a black and yellow Scuba Suit.

When outside in the snow, Mr. Russard wears a light brown-tan colored jacket with light colored pockets and a strap like belt around the waist, pale creamy colored gloves, brown pants and shoes, a burgundy scarf and snow cap.

When he went camping with the class, Mr. Russard wore a white and yellow vest and shirt/jacket with a yellow cap, gray-brown-green short jeans and yellow hiking shoes.


Very smart and polite with his students, Mr. Russard is a great teacher who is always willing to talk with someone who seems upset or thinks something is wrong. He is kind and helpful, and cares a lot for his students. Normally calm, he does panic when he feels he could get into trouble, such as when the classroom had developed a very bad smell and he worried the Super Attendant would shut down the school or fire him.

Besides this, he has many artistic talents. He teaches music class, such as playing instruments, or doing other random music based things. Possibly to get everyone to tap into their artistic side, he also likes to hold events related to Magic or Art.

Mr. Russard likes to organize various competitions among both children and adult alike. And also is a diver in his spare time. As seen in "Baffling Bubbles Mystery".


  • Alfred: Alfred often speaks to Mr. Russard when by himself or in need of advice. Mr. Russard also becomes dependent on Alfred when a mystery involves him. Alfred seems to generally like Mr. Russard too.
  • Camille: Mr. Russard does not speak much to Camille unless she is with Milo and Alfred.
  • Milo: While Milo isn't a good student, he isn't mean or angry with Milo. He was very happy in one episode when Milo did very good on a report he did for class.
  • Cynthia: Mr. Russard is often around Cynthia or concerned for her in some cases. However this could easily be explained as a teacher just doing his job. He isn't strict with Cynthia, but he will call her out for cheating or causing problems.


  • Its unknown if he has a family or not but its possible he has children, as 2 fox kids that resemble him often show up. As he and Dr. Anna do not live in the same home, they are not married to one-another, but could still be related somehow.
  • It's implied that Mr. Russard may enjoy plants and has some knowledge of them.