Mr. Russard house front.

This is the home to Mr. Russard. It was first shown in The no Treasure Treasure Hunt and was somewhat important in The Glowing Eyes.



Mr. Russard's house was rarely and not completely shown from inside, but most likely it has everything a house would need. Such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen/dining room, restroom and possible attic or basement.

In "The Glowing Eyes" episode, many domestic plants inside show us that Mr. Russard has some knowledge of gardening, just like Mrs. Hedgehog.


The house has a stream with bridge from one side and is surrounded with many trees. A greenhouse is in the back. The house is, as every other in Gnarly Woods, a modern building, made from bricks with wooden or metal paneling. It has a straight roof, while being lifted upon the entrance, but does not have many windows. It has also a wooden pergola, next to the door.

The whole building stands on raised ground and has low wooden fence all the way round.

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