Razzy (suspected to be a weasel) is a professional, traveling stage and television personality who often rates things. He is also one of the biggest stars known to everybody in The Gnarly woods, the other being Ricardo Rabbit.

Razzy has only had two major appearances, but despite this he is a popular character. His appearances include both: A Three Star Mystery and The Malfunctioning Magic Beans (guest role).


Razzy is an adult male weasel with yellow skin/fur and paler yellow skin, such as his muzzle and inside ear coloring. He has big, bright emerald green squared eyes. His hair is a burnt-orange brown color with multiple short spikes and thin eyebrows. His nose resembles Alfred's and he also possesses a cat-like mouth. Which is rare among the inhabitants of Gnarly Woods.

Razzy commonly wears a dark purple suit with a lighter purple center, bright magenta tie at his neck, buttons, and belt, a pale lilac-pink undershirt, purple-gray jean pants, and very pale pink-lilac and white shoes.

After his outfit got ruined, Razzy borrowed clothes from Mr. Thomas, which was noticeably too big for him.


Razzy is a very popular idol in terms of television, ratings, and so fourth. He seems to know this and is quite pleased with himself whenever women swoon over him, no matter the age. Due to how popular he is however, Razzy may come off as spoiled, or narcissistic, much like Ricardo Rabbit seems some of the time. When he wants something he wants it fast, when he's unhappy he demands something to please him.

However, Razzy is very fair with his ratings. Such as when he was unhappy he refused to rate Gnarly Woods and planned on just leaving until Alfred promised they could solve the mystery and asked him to wait, along with Mr. Thomas.

Like Ricardo has Mr. Russard, who usually tries to keep him happy and tries to convince him to stay around, Mr. Thomas usually is forced to do this with Razzy.

Razzy is easy to please and easy to upset, but generally, he is a good guy.


"Razzy stands where he wants to stand, hm..".

"What is Razzy waiting for?"


  • Razzy shares many simularities with Ricardo:
  1. Both of them have R beginning names
  2. Both refer to themselves in third person in some shape or form
  3. Both are famous
  4. Both have fangirls
  5. There are no signs of Lilly being a fan of either, probably due to the age differences.
  • Razzy noticeably has a french accent, but this may change depending on the language the series is watched in, but it mysteriously dissapears in The Malfunctioning Magic Beans episode.
  • Razzy really loves Lemon Pie. Which may be his most favorite food, or just his favorite pie.
  • Concerning Razzy's unstable mood, pale tone of his fur and his love to Lemon pies (as well as all sweets, possibly), he may have diabetes or happen to just be bipolar.