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    - Ricardo's common phrase.   

One of the most famous of all Gnarlies, Ricardo is the handsome and charming idol everybody knows. He is a very popular teen celebrity who often spends time either admiring himself about how great he is, practicing, singing or simply allowing his fangirls to drool and fawn over him. He is somewhat vain and self-centered, and an utter narcissist, as well.

Ricardo has been involved with three mysteries about himself and has made multiple appearances in many others. Some with somewhat bigger roles. Despite his rude and sometimes obnoxious behaviour, Ricardo always leaves his fans wanting more!

Ricardo is voiced by Tod Fennell.

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Physical appearanceEdit

Ricardo's age is unknown but as he is a teen idol, he is between the ages of 13 and 19, however he is often credited as being 18 years old, but nothing official has been stated. He is slightly taller then Alfred and Co, but also about as tall as Helmut, but slightly smaller then Mr. Russard. Ricardo is a white snowshoe hare, but during spring and summer his fur turns brown (which he didn't know at first). His eyes are a sea-green/blue colour and he has a noticeable buck-tooth, like rabbits normally have. His muzzle is much paler then his actual fur/skin, and he has shoulder length hair that is a different shade of white then his fur/skin. Oddly, when he turned a chocolate-brown colour, his hair turned dark brown instead.

Ricardo has an affinity for jewellery such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces and usually wears many of them when performing, wearing less (a ring or two) when in normal attire. His typical outfit consist of an orange sweatshirt with dark purple lining on it and the neck. Brown pants with purple belt and brown and yellow shoes. Near the end of the series when he finally appeared again, his jacket had orange instead of purple, the belt was teal-blue, and his shoes were green and orange.

His typical performance outfit consist of a purple tank top-vest, baggy blue jeans with a loose light blue belt, Purple and green shoes, and blue ring, necklace, blue and orange armband, and blue bead bracelet. When he was brown coloured, he wore an alternate version of this outfit consisting of a pale blue top, ivy-green jeans with a blue belt with a golden E on it. His jewellery remained the same, while his shoes were purple and yellow.

When Ricardo wore a "disguise" after turning brown, it was his normal attire but with a pair of purple sunglasses and a dark blue cap. Resembling the one he wore during the first episode when he entered the race. In said episode for the race, Ricardo wore a purple jacket with a hot pink tanktop over it, his number 7 being printed on it. He also had on dark purple-burgundy pants and said dark blue cap with his ears poking out of the top. His shoes were orange.

After a bath, Ricardo has a luxurious looking purple robe with a big R on the back and orange segments at the neck and waist.


Like most other popular idol/famous musical types, Ricardo can come off as very conceited and selfish some of the time. He only cares about himself and his self-image, more then others personally. He only cares about what he looks like in front of others, causing him to worry at the slightest imperfection visible to the naked eye and will even dive into bushes or wear a bucket on his head to avoid being noticed. Though to be fair, he did claim that his fur was his trademark.

While males may find him annoyed in general, or even like him, to most girls however, he is seen as his normal self. Cool and very charming, and also charismatic. All of the girls in Gnarly Woods have a major crush on him! Even Camille, though she does also see the other side of him that most of the other girls do not, but this doesn't stop her from crushing on him anyway. Though he seems to feel nothing for her in return, or any girl really.

Very much vain also, Ricardo only wants the best for him, and is shown to own plenty of mirrors in his home. As well as portraits and paintings, or even magazines with him on them. He just feels that as a star, he deserves to be treated with a lot of respect and for everyone to know who he is. Despite his rude ways, he actually isn't mean or insulting to others. He only pays them attention if it affects him in some way.

Whenever offended, he usually threatens to leave Gnarly Woods, only to claim later that he never could, due to it being his home. And he also is not afraid to argue or fight with someone if he thinks they are wrong or totally captured him wrong. Such as his argument with Helmut when he claimed the statue was wrong. Helmut and Ricardo did make up at the end of the episode though when he realized Helmut tried to fix the statue.

Despite how many things he is into, and does. Ricardo also has free time on his hands, usually to practice his moves or show-off as girls and other Gnarlies check him out. Ricardo is a singer, as well as actor and dancer. Being into the creative activities, its unknown how he feels regarding sports or learning, though he did enter the race in the very first episode, and also shows up to many events.


  • Ricardo mentioned his mom, but she has not spoken or made a physical appearance.
  • Siblings: As Rabbits have a tendency to "multiply" he probably has a lot of brothers and sisters.


"No Autographs."

"The Rabbit is out of here!"

"I'm suave, debonair, chicks dig me..."


  • As seen in "The Stranger among us", Ricardo is actually a hare (snowshoe hare for specification), and not a rabbit, as his surname suggests.
  • It is somewhat impossible that Ricardo wouldn't know about his own fur change due to the seasons, especially since he has many mirrors in his home. However, he did mention it was his first spring/summer event which may either mean that he just hadn't noticed, or that the aging system in the show is not like human aging.
  • Ricardo has a habit of referring to himself as: "The Rabbit".
  • It is highly implied that Ricardo is on a strict Carrot diet. Which isn't technically wrong since Rabbits love carrots. But they also eat other fruits and vegetables also, in which it would be inaccurate.
  • Despite how much of a narcissist he may seem, Ricardo is very knowledgeable when it comes to music/singing.



Ricardo in brown fur

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