Sleepless Night
Chloe Owl, Victor Vole and Winston sleeping

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Jan 16th, 2010

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When three grumpy neighbors all show up one day, it's up to Alfred to find out who have been keeping everybody awake!


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Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Alfred and Lilly meet up with Camille and Milo at the Hedgequarters. Camille shows them the sign she just finished making and they discuss things when they are joined by the very sleepy Chloe, Victor and Winston. They bicker with one-another out of a hurry to speak to Alfred and he tells them to calm down and tell him one at a time. Chloe starts by explaining how her home has suddenly vanished and Camille believes she only means her house in the tree. Chloe actually means the entire tree though, and explains that she was sleeping last night when she was awoken by a loud sound. She walked out of her house, just to plummet down to the ground like her tree.

She begs Alfred for help before Winston interrupts and explains that he too was asleep and heard the sound, but when he went outside to ask who was responsible for it and made threats before trying to return to bed. Alfred then goes on to ask Victor, who explains that he was just preparing to eat when a huge gush of water burst into his home and forced him to flee after it filled his home and the door busted off. The three resume arguing over who has the most important case for Alfred right now, but he decides that he will try to solve all three; and probably around the same time since they all seem to be connected.

With that in mind the Investigation begins. Alfred decides that Lilly should stay behind since she is little, but she begs to come with them. Alfred refuses and asks Chloe and Victor to stay behind and watch her - which perks her up right away. Back at Hedgequarters she asks them to play with her.

Upon arriving to Winston's place, he notices a recently chopped down tree. Alfred takes a picture of it and decides that it is clue 1. Camille comments that the markings resemble teeth marks, and Milo starts to panic at the idea of a monster being the cause of this as they make their way into the cave.

At Hedgequarters, Victor pushes Lilly on a swing. He is very drowsy, as is Chloe, and as they chat, he continues to push Lilly until he gets knocked over.

Back at Winston's Cave, the others listen for the sound Winston recalls hearing, but they hear nothing. Alfred questions Winston's claims and asks if he could think of anything else to tell them. He claims that he still hears it though and tries to have Milo help him imitate the sound so that Alfred can record it. Alfred replays the sound and Winston confirms that it sounds correct before they go to Victor's to investigate.

As they arrive, Camille mentions that a lake was never nearby before and questions the quantity of water. Alfred notices a piece of wood floating by and tosses it into the water to determine which way the water is coming from. Camille is very confused, as Milo points out that she probably overlooked something after she deems the case to be solved. Alfred decides with three clues they can head back; but upon arriving they find Lilly putting Chloe and Victor to bed.

First the trio overlook the clues they have so far while determining that the water must have been diverted from its typical lake-pathway. After looking up a bit of information Alfred suddenly realizes the answer and leads everyone back to the lake. He claims that the cause of everything is most-likely Oakley. He explains that Oakley was building his home there and the sound they heard was his tail tapping against the wood. The water came from the lake, and Chloe's tree was what got used for the wood.

Oakley agrees to build his home elsewhere after they confront him and he agrees to put it somewhere far away from this location. Alfred goes to tell Victor, Winston, and Chloe that they can now get a better nights rest since the problem is solved, just to notice that they have already fallen asleep.

Back at Hedgequarters everyone is relaxing; except for Alfred. Lilly asks him what he was doing and he reveals that he added Lilly to the sign Camille made earlier on.


  • Camille: "How else are people going to find you?"
  • Alfred: "Internet?"
  • Camille: "Well.... this has more of a personal touch anyway."


  • Milo: "That's the smallest tree I've ever seen..."
  • Camille: "That's not a tree, that's what is left of it. It's called a "stump"."
  • Milo: (mocking Camille) "It's called a stump!"


  • Milo: "Nice Winston, nnniiiiiccce...."


  • This is the first episode to show that some Gnarlies eat insects. These seem to be the ones that are not anthro in body-type, like Alfred, and most of the main characters.
  • Usually during credits, Alfred or Milo will speak about the topic they covered while clips show from the episode. In this one, various pictures unrelated to the series were shown.
  • Alfred's voice is noticeably raspy and quiet.


  • Winston was shown with purple marks below his saggy eyes after he finishes his story. But in every other instance of the episode, they're not there.
  • Victor's sandwich does not have a bottom piece of bread when it is first shown.
  • As Winston speaks at his cave, the tuft of hair is dark brown coloured; not reddish like normally.
  • Milo is missing the white colour of his muzzle when Winston speaks just outside of his cave.
  • When Winston assures Alfred that he did hear that strange sound, his neck scarf lacks the maple leaf shapes;except for one side. In the next shot, it is entirely covered again.
  • Lily reads the words on the plaque Camille made; however, one may notice that no words were shown on it to begin with.
  • The Gaumont description spells Dam (a mass of water) as the curse word.