The Case Of The Space Invader

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Jan 21st, 2010

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Milo thinks he saw an Alien! Is he right or did he see something, or someone, else?


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Milo plays in the woods with his "sword", when suddenly a strange fog arises and he sees an odd figure in a very weird costume. He runs away from the scene, rushing to the Hedgequarters, when he tries to calm down and explain the alien sighting. Camille doesn't believe him and Alfred just thinks this is very weird. Milo explains how the figure acted before getting angry, as he sees neither of them want to believe him, so he storms out hanging up alien themed posters he made sometime earlier. Alfred and Camille find him as Edgar asks about it, and Alfred claims it is just a film poster.

Alfred also apologizes to Milo for not taking him seriously and offers to at least hear him out. So they go back to Hedgequarters.

Still, Alfred finds it hard to believe while Camille begins to demand proof. They go to investigate where the nervous skunk was playing at and Alfred manages to pick up a scent. Milo believes it to be from the fog he saw earlier and Alfred can now confirm something did in fact happen, they just do not know what. So he marks this smoky scent the first clue as Milo tries to give them some helpful advice against Alien attacks. Though both shrug it off and then a bee flies at Alfred!

He panics and tries to get it off as another bee soon joins, but the bees suddenly flop down, and begin to act very strange and not very smart. He decides this must be clue two, but they still need an even bigger one, then adds that the bees are probably from his dad's hive since a shipment of bees had just come in recently.

Back at Hedgequarters, Alfred begins to look on-line while they consider setting a trap to try to catch the strange person Milo saw. They put up a couple of devices, and lay down alarms and rays to make sure the creature shows up on video. They begin to watch them for a sign, and after some time the movement laser begins to sound and a big green eye is staring at them from the video!

Camille is finally beginning to believe it may be an alien, just like Milo saw, but it's then Alfred's dad fixes the camera. He wishes them luck, then leaves the scene. Alfred decides his dad may be clue 3 and they hold a clue review now. The odd scent and smoke, the bees weirdness and his father.

Alfred manages to link the eye to his dad's very own then. To which he claims the "Alien" is his dad. It's then Alfred manages to find out who the Alien is and they rush back to the location to see the same smoke from earlier. Alfred leads them to his backyard, where it is coming from when the "alien" suddenly appears! It IS Alfred's dad!

Milo seems shocked, then embarrassed as Alfred's dad explains, the smoke calms down the bees so they do not harm him. He begins to laugh, as Milo panics once more seeing him wear the outfit and everybody begins to laugh.


  • Camille: "It's what, Milo? Hanna? Something happened to Hanna? Do we even know Hanna?"


  • Alfred: "I know my dad isn't an alien, even if he acts like that sometimes."


  • Milo: "Fine, you want proof? Well don't blame me if you get fried by a raygun."



  • Camille's explanation of "Shape-shifting aliens" seems to be sarcastic, but she goes from smiling to worried within a second after stating this. Also note how Milo didn't comment on this either, which could mean that even she was beginning to find this alien theory possible.
  • Alfred's voice is a little high-pitch in this episode.


  • Some animation and textures look a bit weird during this episode.
  • It seems weird that Alfred didn't notice that giant eye belonged to his dad, given that it was his eye colour and since everyone in the family has green eyes it would have made sense.