The Forest Attacks!

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Jan 9th, 2010

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The Forest Attacks! is episode 1 of The Mysteries Of Alfred Hedgehog. 

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While practicing for an upcoming race, Milo is attacked by an unknown source. Was it Cynthia trying to sabotage him, or something else?


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

One sunny day in Gnarly Woods, Camille and Alfred are decorating the area for an upcoming race. Their friend, Milo is going to be entering it and Cynthia was given the duty to set everything up by their Principal. While hanging something up they overhear someone yell in the distance and watch as Milo runs right into Alfred. Milo apologizes for being careless, but found himself distracted by all of the cool new equipment he bought for the event. He was excited to show them, and he is sure with all of this he will have no problem winning - especially since it was designed to help him stay in shape.

Another voice makes himself known and starts to mock Milo, claiming that he doesn't stand a chance against her. Cynthia is displeased when her mean words don't really work as intended, instead Milo is only encouraged to try harder and takes off; only to realize he started to run the wrong way and quickly turns around.

He heads into the forest, but comes to a stop upon hearing a strange sound. He looks around and starts to feel uneasy, but before he can go, something suddenly attacks him, sending him running right back to Alfred and Camille. As he lets them know about what happened, Alfred plucks a small object from his hair and identifies it as a clue. Right away suspicion is thrown onto Cynthia, but Alfred scolds Camille for being so careless and making a snap accusation without any proof. He asks that Milo lead them back to the location of the attack in search of more clues.

As they look around, the trio is attacked by something, but with the parasol she brought along, Camille uses it to block the attacker. After things calm down, Alfred reveals to have recorded the popping sound, and he deems it another important clue as Milo voices his own concern in thinking it may be Cynthia. He is sure that she's trying to scare him away from the competition, but with no real proof they head right over to Hedgequarters to review what they have so far. The popping sounds are compared to popcorn, but it does not provide them with anything, so they decide to pay Cynthia a visit at her place.

They find Cynthia on her treadmill and begin to question her, asking her if she likes popcorn. Cynthia finds the question odd and they are joined by her mother, Mrs. Payne, who is able to provide Cynthia with an alibi by pointing out that they were at the nearby bazaar doing some shopping. Clearly it could not have been her, so the trio take off after Cynthia demands they leave.

At this point, Camille is beginning to panic and worries over how poorly the cancellation of the race would reflect on her; to the point that Mr. Thomas would lose faith in her. After Alfred calms her down they decide to go out and check the attack sight a final time, bringing along Winston Moose for some help.

At first they are unable to find anything, until they just happen to spot a plant pod laying nearby. They pick it up and quickly return to Hedgequarters to re-examine each clue and in the process, realize the plant pod and seed fit together perfectly. Alfred looks up the plant on his computer and once he gets an answer, he brings Camille and Milo back to the location of the attack, revealing that the plant is a "course bush". A thorny plant that bursts open whenever it overheats or on really warm days. When it bursts, multiple seeds are unleashed from the plan, and to support this theory, Alfred is able to locate the scrap of material that was ripped off of Milo's shirt when he fell into one of the bushes. 

With the case resolved, Milo suddenly remembers that the race will be starting and they rush back to the starting location. Milo and Cynthia are quickly able to tie for first place, and they reach the area Milo had been attacked at earlier. He warns Cynthia to just ignore the plants, but she pays him no attention and she panics as the seeds start to burst out at her and falls into the bush.

While Milo places first in the race, Cynthia is revealed to have come in last - somewhat bruised and dirty. She claims that someone attacked her, causing the trio to laugh as they remember what they went through that day.


  • Milo: "Oh! I can't see anything. I can't see anything!"
  • Camille: "Open your eyes, Milo."


  • Milo (after falsely accusing Cynthia): "My mistake..."
  • Cynthia: "The mistake you made was entering the race! Ha Ha!"


  • Alfred: "It looks like... Small rabbit droppings..."
  • Milo: "What?! I was attacked by rabbit droppings?!"


  • Camille: "Canceling the race is out of the question. If I canceled it now then Mr. Thomas will think I'm incompetent and will never let me organize another event again!"


  • This is the first episode where Lily Hedgehog, Ricardo Rabbit and Lugubrious appear.
  • As this was the very first episode, some noticeable differences include:
  1. Facial expressions appear to be more exaggerated than in later episodes.
  2. Tina, Louise, and Gabby's voices sound different from all of their other appearances.
  3. Winston looks a bit different then usual
  4. Alfred pronounces Mysterious as "Mah-sterious", instead of his usual way.
  • It is revealed in this episode that bird-characters, such as Cynthia and her Mother, have feathers as their skin.
    • This may also mean that the other characters have fur for skin.
  • At one point, Cynthia and her Mother were shown to mimic one another. This is a habit not presented in other episodes.
  • This is the first time Camille was seen with a phone. She would only be shown with her personal phone again during "The Phantom Footprints" and "The Mysterious Red Spots".
  • Both Milo and Cynthia are the first characters to appear in alternate outfits.
    • Also note that Milo is never shown in his normal attire during this episode.


  • When Alfred points out their first clue, his hair line and eyebrows look a little odd.
  • Cynthia's running uniform is just a top and skirt. When it shows an overhead view of her and Milo running she is seen wearing her normal pants.
  • After her "attack" Cynthia's number 4 is missing from her t-shirt. It is very unlikely that the number fell off as a whole during it.
  • Milo's shoes are dark blue-black in color, in a few scenes when Alfred, himself, and Camille go to investigate his claims, his shoes appear almost all orange in color.
  • Milo runs through a muddy puddle at the beginning, yet he is not dirty at all.
  • Orange detail is visible on Milo's shoe during the close up shot, but when he first holds it up there is no orange.
  • Milo got attacked and his clothing was ripped up, but when they go to investigate the crime scene his clothes are fixed.
    • Later on, Alfred even finds the ripped off piece of shirt.
  • If one looks closely, when the race is starting the placement of watchers tend to change from scene to scene and it looks like some are there more than once.
  • Oddly enough, Milo scolds Camille for "thinking of food", despite his avid love of eating and making food.
    • Ironically in other episodes, Camille would scold him for this.
  • When the three return to the crime scene and Camille sips the water from Milo's backpack she suddenly spits it out with no explanation given for this.
  • Realistically, when Cynthia claimed to be attacked, it seems unlikely that someone wouldn't have gone to investigate. Even if Alfred and Co knew what happened, they were not shown explaining this to anybody. Chances are, if they had, the race path may have been changed.