The Fur Growing Tree

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Jan 21st, 2010

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The Case of the Space Invader

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Mr. Remy thinks he has just discovered a brand new tree and he's having a tree expert come to take a look at it. Can Alfred figure out what it really is before it's too late?


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Milo tries to wake up a very sleepy and cranky Alfred. He and Camille have come to remind him that they were going to go fishing early this morning. Alfred points out it is only 6:00 am, and Camille tells Milo to relax and hang on a little while, the fish can wait. Milo informs her that he doesn't even seem to really care about the fishing, it's the food he's the most excited for!

After some time the trio head to the lake and they see Mr. Remy blocking the pathway using some logs. He refuses to let them pass and accidentally lets slip that he have made an amazing discovery.

Milo tries to tell him they only want to go fishing and Alfred asks him about the secret. Mr. Remy almost tells them, but then changes his mind at the last second.

And so they are forced to leave as he finishes blocking up the path before mentioning a tree expert coming soon to investigate the amazing discovery! So with nothing else to do, Milo opens the pack and he begins to eat the lunch he packed. Alfred claims they may still be able to go fishing, once they determine what Mr. Remy is hiding and they try to begin spying on him and wait for him to leave so that they can go pass easily.

In hopes of ridding of the mole beginning to fall asleep, Milo hooks a sandwich that hasn't been eaten yet and he uses it to make Mr. Remy follow it to some random location. Milo is a little sad to have lost the sandwich he was looking forward to, but they keep him quiet as Alfred overlooks the "furry trees" nearby. Milo takes a picture as Alfred points out that the fur is only appearing at a certain height.

So while Camille and Alfred overlook the trees, and Alfred collects a sample, Milo digs through his lunch to find something else to eat. Alfred decides the fur must be clue one and they run to hide when they accidentally make too much noise and Mr. Remy overhears them. He finds the lunch Milo made and takes it, which makes things harder as Milo is having trouble being quiet, both from the food and being stung by a bug!

As they overlook a few odd roots he ends up hurting his hand against one and Alfred takes a picture of them, and he calls this clue two. They resume investigation when Mr. Remy sees them again, but he trips on a root trying to catch up to them. As they run away Milo takes a picture of this.

At Hedgequarters, they overlook the clues and what-not as Milo scratches himself a lot. He is very itchy and cannot find a way to rid of the scratch until he begins to rub his back against something.

They look through the photo's once more as Alfred then points out that all of the furry trees head out towards the lake. Camille tells Milo to stop scratching, growing more annoyed as Alfred sees an odd hair/piece of grass where Milo was scratching his back, causing him to suddenly become inspired with an idea!

As they head back, they notice a crowd gathering around Mr. Remy as he explains his amazing discovery. Alfred claims that they have identified the tree so they shouldn't waste their time any longer. He then begins to show Mr. Remy and the group, explaining that the fur/hair is really from a moose! When they begin to lose their fur, they scratch against the tree for an itch and it leaves fur behind. The reason the fur leads to the lake is because the moose are hot and they go to cool down.

Disappointed, the crowd leaves until Mr. Remy gets them to stop and cheers for Alfred for being able to solve the mystery. As the tree expert shows up, Alfred and Mr. Remy begin to laugh as the episode ends...


  • Milo: "But we're going fishing..."
  • Mr. Remy: "Not today..."



  • Despite a few moose being shown as Alfred explains why they rub on trees. Only one moose has appeared during the series itself however, that being Winston.


  • Throughout the episode, Milo's bangs appear miscoloured on and off. This tends to happen with Milo's bangs when he wears a hat/cap of any type.
  • Notice Mr. Remy's lips do not move when he is busy whistling while building his barricade.
  • Camille looks very small in comparison to Milo and Alfred during the big group shot when everybody walks behind Alfred as he explains the results of his search.
  • At one point during the moose showing in the explanation, it looks brown at first, but for a moment while going into the water, its fur is the same colour as Winston's.


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