The Glowing Eyes
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Jan 19th, 2010

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Milo is afraid to leave his home after he sees his teacher acting strange the night before and soon everyone begins to fear that a witch may be in Gnarly Woods.


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Alfred and Camille arrives at Milo's house to get their friend prepared for school and find him in bed with a sore throat and a headache. Milo continues to feign illness but after Alfred notices that Milo has been reading a bunch of witch books he comments on it. Milo claims to have seen a real witch and reveals that the previous evening he was out walking by Mr. Russard's place. He came outside and began to swing a brook, alarming Milo as he noticed a bunch of strange glowing eyes begin to appear.

Ending his story, Milo realizes neither Alfred or Camille believe him. He defensively asks how else one would explain what he saw but they rush off, forcing him to hurry up and follow after them. The trio arrive to class to find that nobody is there. Cynthia comes out to inform them that they are really late, but class was cancelled since Mr. Russard didn't show up.

With the free time, they go to his place to explore the area Milo was at. Camille happens to spot something shiny and goes for a closer look, but in doing so, she is snagged by a fishing lure and its line and begins yelling for help. It happens to have been left behind by Milo, causing her to angrily begin to yell at him. As they are about to continue, Edgar jumps out, ready to attack, until noticing it's Alfred and co. He then explains to them that he also saw the witches and shows them the picture he took of the sighting.

Alfred then suggest they go visit Mr. Russard himself for answers, though Milo is very hesitant to follow up on his plan. Alfred tells Camille and Milo to wait for him and he walks up to the front door and knocks. Nobody answers, so the three quietly creep around to see the broom Mr. Russard had been using the previous night. Before they could go though, he happens to catch them and invites him inside. They all agree and begin to ask him things. Mr. Russard explains that he has began to hear things and went to investigate previously. He saw a bunch of weird lights and when he went to look, he went to the nearby river.

It's then Alfred notices the time on Mr. Russard's broken watch. He explains that he happened to be very surprised and fell the other day. After they check it out they resume their own investigation. Camille asks why Milo isn't helping them, but things soon become interesting as he happens to spot the green eyes and falls into the river. Alfred and Camille check it out, but they only find tiny beads on the ground and not much else. Alfred informs Milo he's found a third clue and they go back to Hedgequarters.

After a bit of looking, he informs them that the things glowing aren't eyes at all, but they do only appear during the night. He picks up one of the "eyes" and has Milo look into the nearby telescope, revealing them to be insect eggs. They then head out to gather everyone in class and bring them back to Mr. Russard's place. As the "eyes" begin to appear, Milo starts to panic, but Alfred assures them its only a Firefly/Glow Worm. The bugs only glow in order to attract other fireflies.

The evening continues as Mr. Russard plays a musical instrument into the night air as the episode ends...


  • Milo: "Last night, I saw a WITCH!"
  • Camille: "That's amazing! Because last night I saw a troll."


  • Cynthia: *after running into a tree* "Ow! Why would anyone in their right mind would put a tree there?"


  • Milo: "Can't I stay here?"
  • Alfred with Camille: "No!"


  • Camille: "Green eyes?! More like fishing lure..."


  • Milo: "Does this mean there's school tomorrow?"
  • Everyone: "YES!"
  • Milo: "Can't blame a kid for trying..."


  • It is unknown what instrument was Mr. Russard playing. Though it seems Flute-like.
  • Edgar's voice and appearance are somewhat different then normal. Though this could be explained by the fact it was his first major role.
  • This is Mr. Russard's first major speaking role!
  • An odd bird boy appears near the end of the episode but has never appeared in the series again since.
  • Usually when class is cancelled the teacher would leave a note at the school or call parents to inform them.


  • During the entire flashback, until he falls down, Milo's bangs are solid gray/black.
  • As Milo dried his bangs, they appear all to be dark grey/black, matching the other parts of his hair.
  • When Milo tells Camille to look in the telescope his bangs are solid gray/black too!
  • Oddly, only splotches of Milo's shirt are wet and look like mud stains. If he fell into the water like it seemed then his entire shirt should have been wet, and would not look to be muddy.
  • Cynthia claims she was in the middle of getting her nails done, but she obviously seems to lack any visible nails.
  • Camille's mouth vanishes momentarily when she gets caught in the net.
  • Right before Milo gets the fishing rod with garlic, notice the "green" eyes in the picture.
  • Milo's garlic necklace vanished after Alfred pulls him from the water. It's somewhat impossible for it to have fallen off the way he fell.
  • Also note that when he first pulled it out, each piece of garlic looked connected to one another. But in each instance afterward a string can be seen between each piece. It goes between both designs through the episode.
  • When Milo tells Alfred and Camille to look at the egg, his bangs are all black/dark gray in color, no white is visible where it should be.
  • As Alfred tells Mr. Russard that everything is fine, look at his arms. They are colored to make it look like he has a T-shirt on and not his usual white shirt.
  • As Milo is watching Mr. Russard in the flash back, nothing is there, then a second later the "green eyes" show up.
  • Mr. Russard said it'd be getting dark soon since it was night fall, but it still looks very bright out, as a day.
  • Before Milo tells Alfred and Camille of what he saw, notice his shirt being the same color. The area around his shoulders is supposed to be a lighter yellow.
  • When Milo states he saw the "eyes" move, part of his right eyebrow is missing.