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Part of Gnarly woods


"Gnarly woods is a magical place, where anything can happen!"

Gnarly woods is the main setting of The mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog. Its home to all sorts of creatures, with the exception of those who live in its rival, Black Forest. This is where the series/whole story takes place.


Gnarly Woods is a very big forest/woods with many different settings, types of climate in areas and many many residents. It appears to be a mixed forest of temperate belt with many streams, lakes, and ponds. On one side, it is surrounded by many tall mountains and many of the places inside are made from wood, but not everything.


Gnarly woods consist of several locations, many of them appearing in most of the episodes. While some others only appear due to investigations. Each location has been given major time at least once, however.

Major locationsEdit

  • Hedgequarters- Seen in almost every single episode, Alfred and the group come here after they get all three clues to study them and determine answers.
  • Gnarly Woods Academy- Gnarly woods school the kids attend. It only has a Principal and Teacher and is one big room.
  • Gnarly Wood's Lake- The only lake of Gnarly woods, with few mysteries behind it.
  • The Amphitheater- An outdoor stage in Gnarly Woods. Many Ricardo events take place here.
  • Gnarly Woods Dam- This is where the inhabitants get their water mainly from. The drinkable water comes from here, and it is an important location in one episode when Camille and Cynthia was dyed blue and Alfred had a terrible cold.



  • Despite being in temperate belt, it appears that it is always summer in one episode, then winter or autumn the next. Randomly cycling throughout the series.
  • And also to note that many exotic animals, flowers and trees appear within said temperature belt.
  • The Gnarly Woods is supposed to resemble a French or Canadian nature.