The Phantom Footprints

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Jan 13th, 2010

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The Phantom Footprints is episode 3 of The Mysteries Of Alfred Hedgehog. 


Polly asks Alfred to watch over her pumpkin and find whoever it was that she thinks tried to steal it before something bad happens. 


Spoiler warning!
Warning! Following text contains plot details and may spoil the storyline.

Alfred is suddenly awoken one early morning by the tone of a panicked voice outside. Upon opening the door he is greeted by an upset Polly, who asks Alfred to come and investigate the location where she keeps her giant, one of a kind, pumpkin. She thinks someone is trying to steal it and would be at a huge loss if they had been successful. He calls both Camille and Milo, and asks them to meet him at Polly's Pumpkin soon afterwards.

Arriving to the scene, Polly explains that she left Withers there to guard the pumpkin overnight, but now he's gone. She also shows them something else she came by and soon the group begin their search.

After a few minutes, it's then Polly remembers something else. Someone was snoring, then with a bit of help from the others they demonstrate it so that Alfred can record the sound, which he calls clue number one. Camille points out that the footprints could belong to Big Foot but both she and Milo shrug it off in disbelief. Only to begin discussing it after a few minutes. Alfred tells them it isn't Big Foot as Cynthia shows up and forces Alfred to come back to her place where someone has crushed her special, one of a kind bird bath.

On location, Cynthia is very quick to demand answers. Then they soon find a tuft of hair and put it away for testing when they hear someone yelling and rush to the scene. At the scene, they find Tom and he points out a giant ash mound shaped like a giant's footprint.

Camille gathers some of the ash for sampling later when Alfred notices an odd trail and they follow it to reach Withers's Cave. The trio try to call for Withers, but can't get a response. So they head back to Hedgequarters to study the clues so far and with a bit of information searching, Alfred manages to figure out what the problem is. Everyone then rushes back to the cave where Alfred reveals that nobody, even the Pumpkin is in danger. Withers is fine as well, and there isn't any Big Foot.

At first nobody trusts his answer until Alfred explains that it had been time for Withers to go into Hibernation. Because he hadn't eaten anything he became very drowsy and tried to go home. Which explains why he crushed the bird bath, bush and laid down into the ash/dirt mount. The ash trail was because he had managed to get back to his home.

When asked to prove his theory, Alfred shows everyone else Withers sleeping inside of the cave. He warns them to be quiet though as they leave however, so that they don't disturb his heavy slumber, considering how dangerous it can be.

As the episode draws to an end Polly is shown to win the contest with her giant pumpkin as Alfred, Camille and Milo celebrate.


  • Polly: "Everyone together, snort!"


  • Polly: "And never ask a bear to guard your pumpkin in November."


  • Cynthia: "It's just a vegetable, get over it!"


  • Milo: "Did Bigfoot take Withers away? Let me think. Yep, he did."


  • Milo: He wants to check something while Bigfoot is on the loose with Withers tucked under his arm.


  • Cynthia: "Hibernate? Beauty sleep, right?"


  • This is one of the few times that Camille isn't immediately dismissive of Milo's worry. But it is possible she was only mocking him.
  • Camille is called "Camie" in this episode.
  • This is the first time Tom makes an appearance, as well as his only speaking role.


  • Mr. Russard was not present during the scene when Polly has the other residents help her make noise. Despite the fact he was there in every scene before it.
  • As Camille says "there's no way Withers would leave" notice she has no mouth.
  • Tom's left arm glove is discoloured when he nods to Milo.
  • Camille's tail goes missing after she and Milo run into each other. 
  • Mr. Remy was shown standing behind Polly when she tells everyone to make noise, but in every other shot he was far away from her.
  • Polly appears to be shorter than she normally is during the investigation at the pumpkin.
  • As Alfred tells everyone to spread out to search for clues, the colouring of Cynthia's neck marking covers the top of her neck, while it should only be a small section of it. 
  • It seems a little odd that Alfred was awake at the time the episode began. He is usually shown sleeping in when he doesn't need to get up.