Tina is one of Cynthia's supposed cousins and followers, along with Louise and Gabby. Like Cynthia, she comes off slightly rude, but has shown the least bit of hostility to Alfred and Co, next to Louise. Out of the three cousins themselves, she makes the least appearances.

She seems to be tomboyish, given her attire and appearance. She's had only 2 major prominent roles and other times appeared as the less-vocal of Cynthia's cousins when all four girls were present.


Out of the four girls, Tina appears to be the shortest and seems to be a tomboy. Her skin/feather are lilac-purple and she has honey-yellow eyes. Tina's hair is dark purple and appears to be a flared-bob cut. It almost reaches her chest and her bangs are straight cut, with hair that frames her face. She has two small cowlicks. Her beak is a normal shade of orange.

Tina can normally be seen wearing a powder blue button shirt fuchsia buttons. She also wears magenta shorts with yellow lining along the bottom and inside, along with dark pink and purple themed tennis shoes and pink bracelets.

For swimming, Tina wore a light blue tanktop styled swim dress with very short purple-red shorts and sometimes she'll add a pink swimmers cap with a single green-yellow stripe going up the center.

During the Romeo and Juliet play she chose to wear her normal shorts and shoes, but put on a mint-cyan blouse with a light blue neck piece commonly worn during plays during the Shakespeare era.

During winter she was shown to wear a brown and ivy-green outfit. Only seen was a jacket and the hat piece.


Tina seems to be the more quiet of her cousins/friends, and less cynical and snobby in comparison to Cynthia. She does not hold any grudges or act purposely rude to Alfred and Co unless with her cousin. When she does speak, her voice is a bit high-pitch while still in a normal tone.

She seems to worry/panic easily and has a tendency to hide behind Cynthia when uneasy. She may be possibly second in command, due to often being behind her, and she isn't bossed around as much as Louise or Gabby.

Like her cousin and many girls around Gnarly Woods, she is a fan of Ricardo and Razzy.


  • Louise Payne - Possible sister, due to similar feather colors
  • Gabby Payne - Cousin
  • Cynthia Payne - Cousin she is normally seen with, cheering for or mimicking.
  • Mrs. Payne - Her aunt, who is not seen with the cousins often and does not acknowledged them as family.


  • It is possible, that Tina and Louise are sisters, and they are cousins of Gabby and Cynthia's two families.
  • Her name, along with Louise's, was based from a famous actor named Tina Louise.
  • Tina mentions her house in the episode called Who Knocked Out Grizz?
  • Out of her cousins, Tina wears the least in terms of clothing.
  • In one episode, she was the only Payne girl seen in class. However in other episodes, just Louise will be seen. Either due to an error or just randomization in class students per episode.
  • Tina's favorite colour seems to be either Magenta, which is also her pom pom color. Or even a shade of Blue.