Trouble At Turtle Pond
Mucky Mud

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January 20th, 2010

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 Trouble at Turtle Pond is the second part of episode 6.


Alfred, Camille and Milo help Lugu figure out why his lake has been completely drained suddenly.


Alfred and Camille are in the middle of a basketball game while Milo complains Camille is being too loud, interrupting him listening to sounds while testing out a new device. He heard a strange gurgling sound earlier and really wanted to check it out. This search leads them to the super muddy, dirty turtle pond. They see a weird, big rock in the center covered in mucky mud and the water is missing too!

They are all suddenly thrown into the muddy hole and the strange rock begins to talk!

Alfred pulls on it revealing it to really be Lugu! Before he can say anything, it's then Cynthia Payne walks by and she teases the trio about playing in the mud before she walks off. Alfred asks Lugu if he's okay and Camille asks what could have caused such a thing. Lugu explains that he had been in the middle of practicing his backstroke when he was suddenly sucked into all the mud. The three of them look into the giant hole that Lugu had been stuck inside of and Alfred asks Milo to grab a nearby stone. He drops it down to see if its possible the water was really drained out of the pond. Then they try to determine how they could try to find the water before seeing Rudy nearby, tangled up in a hose!

Rudy mentions that it'd be impossible for all of the water to escape due to overflow over the edge. Even then the water level shouldn't have drained as quickly as it did. The trio head back to Hedgequarters for a clue review as they are stuck with not much else to go on right now. Milo believes its because of a monster while both Camille and Alfred believe that they will only find out by going into the hotel itself. Milo is very hesitant but ends up agreeing to come anyway.

While walking along a pathway trying to find an entrance to the caves Milo suddenly picks up a sound and runs right into a big rock! Alfred pulls back some bushes to find the cave entrance. Milo asks if such a thing is really necessary, then he asks why they need to bother with an exploration. Neither answer and Alfred instead points out the cobwebs being worn out and tattered, meaning that someone had to have messed with them to go through. As its not common he takes a photo and they continue inside.

Alfred then hears water dripping and they come across a tiny puddle, but then hear the rumbling noise again and the trio quickly run further inside, coming to an underground spring and they see the water is way over level, which means it'll overflow very soon and they find a weird machine, along with two small containers and a conveyor belt. It isn't too hard for them to realize this was the source of all the noises they heard. Alfred checks the containers and tastes the stuff inside, along with Milo. One bag consists of sugar while the other is of salt. To find the source of the problems, the three of them follow up the conveyer belt to see Cynthia is behind all of the problems!

She has been producing a very bad and unhealthy water drink to sell to others, claiming it to be an energy drink. Alfred tells the customers what the "energy drink" is composed of and also mentions the problem it put Lugu in. To which the customers decide they do not want the drinks anymore and they give them back to Cynthia before leaving. Along with Tina and Gabby, who feel very badly since they didn't know this was happening to poor Lugu.

In the end, Lugu has gotten back his water as Cynthia is serving her cousins some drinks. Everybody watches Lugu as he swims joyously and the episode ends...


  • Cynthia: Yes, step right up, folks and get your Gnarly Rockin' Extreme Energy Drink! Guaranteed to put a spring in your takeoff, or some swing in your tail!


  • Notice the label on the bottle's Cynthia was using to sell. It's the same label that appeared on the water bottle she had been using in "Stranger Among Us". Which may mean the label is the same as on real water bottles in Gnarly Woods.
  • Serious or not, Cynthia could have gotten into a huge amount of trouble for what she did, due to multiple offenses.
  • The acronyms of Cynthia's drink: "Gnarly Rockin' Extreme Energy Drink" spell out GREED.
  • This is the only episode where Cynthia does something purely for her own gain.


  • Milo's helmet goes missing after Cynthia appears and sees them in the mud.
  • When Milo bumps into Alfred and Camille, Alfred's eyebrows are facing the same way, making him have an odd expression.
  • Milo has his hearing thing on again after Cynthia leaves but was not seen putting it on, surely it would have took longer then the second to put it on.
  • Tina was shown with normal lemonade at the end, but when the view pulls back it looks like Pink lemonade.
  • Cynthia was shown standing with the group at the end, but a second later she's shown walking into the scene with the drinks. But she was not shown leaving to get them.
  • Where did the mud go? They could have washed it off, but they were not shown doing this.