Seriously, I don't get it. Why do any of the fans think they like each other when they don't even show ANY hints. I mean hello, a compliment is NOT flirting people...

So I was just wondering if fans were being stupid, or if they actually did have a start somewhere or not. Because so far I haven't seen a thing and its already known that nothing major was hinted at during the series. So like I asked, was there actually any evidence at all that began this entire thing, or is there something we missed?

It's rather annoying that some people could be so ignorant as to think they do like each other when there is no proof. I understand, its fanon/fandom and people are allowed to do that, but still I just don't see it, even if there WAS evidence.

On another note, out of boredom I was trying to determine what Camille's mother looked like XD If I made a good pic I'll see about showing it.

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