This is just a fun page where people can post their image edits and such. To do that, you only have to use the "add photo" button in the comments area.

Or this is just a place to discuss my edits XD Ever since I can remember I have been making edited images from series. So I was wondering if anybody else has gone and ever edited any Alfred images? In anyway, shape or form.

Also I do take request for this series, if you would like to see something or would like to ask for me to make your character in the series then ask me. I can't guarentee I'll do it awesomely but I can guarentee I'll try XD I plan to try making fun, older version images, as well as younger version images, of the older characters. As well as FC's and random characters. Maybe a Chris will pop up~

So anyway, here they shall be placed:

Okay, since SOMEONE decided to ignore everything I said. I decided to just delete what I had bothered to type here. I'll just be showing random edited images.

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