Well I got curious when I saw the comment someone left on the episodes page this comes from. That being: The Case of the Disappearing Painting. And so, I have decided to test it out and see :3


Okay, so for this expiriment, I got the following:

  • 2 Cups (I would suggest mugs)
  • Hot tap Water
  • Cold water
  • Honey (I had 2 Honey's, normal honey and a bitter thick honey. But I couldn't find it...)
  • A brush of some sorts
  • 2 Spoons
  • A plate
  • Napkin/Paper

What I did :3

Okay so here is what I did then:

  1. Got 2 mugs, then put hot water in one mug, and cold in the other. 
  2. I squeezed some honey into both mugs, then mixed them up, using 2 different spoons.
  3. Layer napkin/paper onto a plate
  4. Using a brush, finger, or utensil, "paint" the honey mixture onto the paper or napkin


The expiriment failed DX


  • Water - when mixed with hot water, it gained a yellow tinge while the cold water remained color-less.
  • Results in total - The expirment failed, either because of too much water or not enough honey.

XD and no, you do not need to tell me where I messed up. I'm gonna look it up myself and find out.

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